The San Giuliano family has always enjoyed marmalades, biscuits, cakes and preserved fruit made to old family recipes. Until in the early 80’s, Fiamma di San Giuliano Ferragamo the late wife of the present Marchese, decided to produce and sell some of these recipes, using the fruit from the estate cooked atMarmellate dei Marchesi di San Giuliano home by their own staff. Her commitment and determination, allowed the marmalade business to grow over the years, and to gain importance in the market.
The high percentage of fruit, and the use of natural ingredients, give a unique taste, texture and colour to all of San Giuliano products.

Production takes place exclusively during winter and spring, where fruit is picked by hand daily from the estate as they mature. The fruit is used fresh, never refrigerated, it is cut by hand and cooked using no preservatives, jellying or colouring agents. The fruit is washed and cut by hand, then put intowater, where it is left to soak all night.

The next day cooking takes place in large open saucepans. After approximately one hour from the boiling time, the sugar is added and cooking continues for half an hour. Sterilized jars are then filled by hand with the hot marmalade, cleand with pure alcohol, and closed with the lid. Once filled, the jars are left upside down for one hour to creat the vacuum-packed. When cold, they are stored in the cupboards.

Marmalades 100% organic production certified by Ecogruppo Italia Srl controlling authority - MIPAAF IT BIO 008

Marmellate e Arance a fette in sciroppo San Giuliano


The orange zests and orange slices are made in the same manner. Zests are cut by hand and briefly cooked in they own juice with sugar.
The orange slices are also cooked in their juice and sugar with the addition of brandy.

Fruit in syrup 100% organic production certified by Ecogruppo Italia Srl controlling authority - MIPAAF IT BIO 008

Miele Marchesi di San Giuliano

Our honey comes from the San Giuliano organically growned orange groves.

The entire estate is free from pesticides and fertilizers which gives a very good enviroment for
the bees both for pollination and honey production.
This is a marvellous example of biological circle of nature and collaboration of insect and flora.

THE BISCUITSBiscotti Marchesi di San Giuliano

Over the years we developed new ideas and now have the will to experiment always new recipes.
Today San Giuliano is producing not only marmalades, but also biscuits, consantly keeping an eye to the quality, typical of its marmalades. San Giuliano biscuits are made using exclusively natural ingredients.
The dough is prepared then rolled out by hand on a marble table with a wooden rolling pin.
It is cut into shape with special pre shaped trays.

The biscuits cook in the oven for approximately 12 minutes, then left to cool down on special grills and sprinkle with some white sugar
. Once cold, they are packed in plastic trays sealed with a packing machine.


Rhe olive oil at San Giuliano is obtained using only olives from Curcuraggi olive grove, always of the San Giuliano family, situated along the old road to Villasmundo and Melilli. This olive grove is about 50 years old. It covers 20 hectares on a tableland which is the last offshot of The Monti Iblei mountain chain, overlooking the east coast of Sicily. It is situated near Siracusa.

The olive groves are cultivated naturally and the species cultivated in this area are: The Mormorigna, a species which is Olio Extravergine somehow similar to “Nocellara dell?Etna”, the Biancolilla and the Siracusana. The Siracusana in particular gives the oil some peculiar organoleptic characteristics and for this reason it is included in the category of the “ deeply fruity oil”.

A deep fruity oil is a very perfumed oil, able to enrich the typical recipes of Mediterranean cooking. The olive pressing method is the so called “cold pressing” of Alfa Laval system. The rippling time is very reduced and even though this system is giving a smaller amount of oil than mechanical system, it allows us to obtain an excellent oil quality. The pressing of the olives is strictly made on the same day as the picking. These methods and other devices allow us to obtain an oil which is rich in vitamins with a very low grade of acidity (0,3%) and a low value of peroxide (4,4 meq 02/kg), typical of an oil rich in poliphenol.

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