The estate of San Giuliano has been owned by the family of the Marquis Paternò Castello di San Giuliano for over 800 years. Situated between Catania and Siracusa, with Mount Etna in the distance, the land is very fertile and cultivated mainly with citrus trees species.
Marchesi di San GiulianoMostly orange trees, but also lemon, lime, red grapefruit, mandarin, Nova clementine and bitter orange.

The first orange trees were planted here around 1800 as it was found that this region of Sicily was particularly suited to the cultivation of Blood Oranges, which are unique to this area.

The San Giuliano farm covers around 55 hectares, 50 of which are dedicated to growing varieties of citrus fruit. There are also ancient groves of Sicilian species of Olives and Nut trees.


The estate has for many years and continues to use traditional organic farming methods.

Our work is based on the regulations of the European Community for organic farming.
Officially San Giuliano has been producing organic fruit since 1993, even though the first release of beneficial insects date back to 1990, when nobody thought that damaging insects could be eliminated this way.

Today at San Giuliano we use exclusively organic fertilizer and beneficial insects are released regularly, so as to obtain healthier fruit than in the past years, when trees were treated chemically.

Today San Giuliano is submitted to the control of Ecogruppo Italia, one of the control authorities, which certifies companies that practice organic farming.

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